So you want to learn about wine

Have you ever stared at a wine list at a restaurant in bewilderment until you finally just point to something so you have a drink?

Have you ever struggled through a conversation with a wine snob, trying not to make a fool of yourself by admitting you know nothing about wine except the words “merlot” and “chardonnay”?

Do you browse the wine aisle of the store and pick out cheap bottles based on the labels alone?

If any of this is familiar, then this is the blog for you.

In college, I drank $3 wine and $5 bubbly at parties, and I thought it was fine. Good, even. Hey, don’t judge me, and I won’t judge you; we’ve all been there (okay, I still sometimes drink $5 bubbly, if we’re going to be completely honest here). I didn’t even drink 3 Buck Chuck; I found another brand of $3 wine that was worse, and I drank it happily because I didn’t know better.

So, what makes me qualified to tell you about wine?

Right out of college, I got a job working in the tasting room of a winery in Washington. It is actually my job to tell people about wine now. People PAY me to do this, which seems crazy to me. I’ve spent time talking to wine makers, wine tasting room workers, wine buyers, and people who have been drinking wine way longer than I have.

Why should you love wine?

Wine is EXPLODING right now! Sometimes literally, if it’s not stored right, but mostly metaphorically. We are seeing globalization in the wine industry like we’ve never seen it before, and drinkers in the mid-price range are benefiting the most. Right now, it is so easy to drink wine on a budget.

For years in America, wine was pretty much exclusively limited to high-priced imported bottles for the very serious wine drinkers and the cheap, bottom-shelf juice. There was very little in-between, and very little good wine made locally.

Now, there is quality, inexpensive wines imported from Australia, Argentina, Chile, Greece, and numerous other countries, as well as good wines being made in almost every state in the United States. Washington happens to be one of the fastest growing wine regions, especially in Walla Walla and the Columbia Valley.

Why should you read this blog?

In my post-college days, I am adamant that you will enjoy wine best if you know what you like and why you like it. No more choosing bottles based on how nice the label is; choose something you really like. If nothing else, you can impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of wine terminology.

So, let’s party like real adults and drink the good (but reasonably priced) stuff!


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