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This blog post really hit home with me this week. Usually my browsing-the-internet mental energy is level 3, but starting my own blog has rocketed it up to a level 1. It’s fun and rewarding, but a very different way of engaging with the internet.

Other things I’ve found online this week:

More reasons why red wine is good for you! Wine Spectator reports that studies suggest red wine helps with digestion. Also, that this is why the French are so thin. I was hoping it was the blue cheese.

I am not crafty, but I have a lot of extra corks laying around. If I were better at DIY projects, I would make everything from this blog post. Especially the wine cork bathmat; that would spiff up my bathroom for sure!

Or I would make this, all the corks are from “wine consumed humanely in California”. Actually, I think I will never have enough DIY talent to make one of these. I should probably just buy one.

Okay, we’re on a roll with reusing corks, so here is a list of Eleven Ways to Reuse and Recycle Wine Corks.

If you spill wine the way I do (which is all the time, on everything), here is a guide to removing wine stains.

Aaaand finally, if you are sick of wine (impossible!), here is a cool infographic of 30 shot recipes.


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