What I’m Drinking

While watching bad tv this week, we opened a bottle of the 2010 Jaja from Maison Bleue. Jaja (according to the bottle) is a southern French word for an every day blend; true to its name, Jaja is a Rhone-style blend of Syrah (37%), Grenache (37%), and Mourvedre (26%). I’m going to be honest; I wish we’d waited on this bottle for another few months at least, or decanted it ahead of time. We didn’t decant it, and it was like WOAH acidity when we first tasted it. We drank it over two days, and it was better the second day, but I think it still needs a little time to mellow out.

Fairly light, nice and peppery (my favorite!), and lots of blackberry flavor up front. I thought it tasted like slightly unripe blackberries, on account of the acidity, but it would go much better with food, in my opinion. Even though I felt like it needed more time, I still enjoyed it, and Boyfriend Wino thought it was excellent. The grapes are sourced from the Yakima Valley.

The website has it listed as sold out now, but it was $25 a bottle, which is a good price for a wine of this quality. For more info on Maison Bleue winery, check them out online.


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