Friday Links

We’ve made it to another Friday! I’ve been working a lot lately, for several reasons. The most exciting: I’ve started a new job! I’m still working a few days a week at my old winery, but I’ve started working 4 days a week at a different winery. It’s odd in some ways, because this new winery is much, much smaller than the old one, and it’s a very different environment. I’m very excited to be working there, though, and I’m enjoying it a lot. The downside is that I’m working a lot, which means less time for my blog (and less time in general). I still have time to browse the internet, though, and this is what I found this week!

For those of you who are afraid of speaking in wineries because you might embarrass yourself, here is a Glossary of Wine Pronunciation!

The Truth About Wine Prices; an infographic about the costs of making the wine you drink.

The 86 Rules of Boozing

Because I’m a child in an adult body: Alcoholic Beverages Inspired By Harry Potter

BoozeBuddy, helping you find drinks to fit the random ingredients in your liquor cabinet

For all you artisanal cocktail fiends, here are 5 Creative Takes on the Ice Cube.

And for those of us who enjoy a little bubbly now and again, Champagne History and Serving Instructions.


Have a good weekend!


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