Cayuse Weekend is Here, Everybody!

Okay, so you should all know that it’s Cayuse weekend, which means it’s going to be pretty crazy at all the wineries in town.

What is Cayuse weekend? It’s the weekend when all the wine club members at Cayuse winery come to pick up their wine, and the entire town is flooded with wine tasters and buyers. Cayuse’s pick up weekend used to be in November, but they switched to April fairly recently; that November weekend is still pretty busy too.

Why is Cayuse weekend such a big deal? Because this winery, started by Christophe Baron in the 90’s and a darling of the critics, is only open once a year, and only to members. It takes years to get on the mailing list, so when you get on it, you hightail it to Walla Walla to walk through those doors when they open for Cayuse Release.

Why is Cayuse so good? It’s highly debatable whether it is good, actually. Critics love Cayuse, and many people prize the earthy, “funky” flavor of these wines grown in unusually rocky vineyards. Others find it too earthy, overpowering whatever fruit underlies the funk. Wines Peeps, another wine blog, published a story about how Cayuse wine is potentially flawed, based on lab analysis of one bottle. For many reasons, this lab analysis can’t be the last word in the debate; it’s only one bottle and therefore not a reliable sampling, and it doesn’t matter if it’s flawed if people love the taste.


However you feel about Cayuse and its exclusivity, it will be a busy weekend for all of us!


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