Winery Spotlight: Rulo

So, I’ve decided that it’s time to disclose my absolute favorite winery in Walla Walla, so that anyone who’s planning on visiting can make time to go here and try their incredible (and incredibly reasonably priced!) wines.

Rulo Winery has so much going for it, it’s hard to know where to start. With the wines? With the people? With the experience?

When you get to Rulo, you will notice immediately that the tasting experience is all about the wines. There are no fancy frills at this tasting room, no patio or gift shop: just a table set up outside of the lab, in the same room as the stainless steel tanks. It’s a large, industrial space, but Kurt and Vicki will make you feel right at home. It’s hard to imagine someone with enough energy to run a winery by themselves: making the wine, running the tasting room, and distributing their own wines to retailers and restaurants, but Kurt and Vicki do it all by themselves. Ask them about their experience running a winery; they love to talk about it, and they’re great at it.

Rulo Winery

The wines are excellent, too. Their Syrah is to die for; fruity and rich and everything a Syrah should be. I think this was the first good Syrah I ever tried (thanks for introducing me to it, Mom) when I was coming off my $3 a bottle phase, and it pretty much changed my life. Their “Silo Syrah” is even better, in my opinion, and only $5 more. As for whites, they have both an oaked and unoaked Chardonnay, which are great. I prefer the “Birch Creek” Chardonnay, which is the oaked one; it’s beautiful and soft, and the oak doesn’t overpower the grape. If you’re looking for a more unusual varietal, their Grenache Blanc is crisp and fruity; I definitely walked away with a bottle that I plan to drink when the weather gets hot. Check out all their offerings here.

The price is right. Rulo’s most expensive bottle is $35, and their Syrah goes for $25. They could easily, easily be selling these wines for $50, if the prices of the other high-quality Syrahs in the area are any indication.

How to visit: give them a call. They’re running around doing all the stuff you need to do to keep a winery going, so they’re not always around doing tastings. Call them at 509.525.7856, and keep trying, even if you don’t reach them the first time. It’s worth it.

In Recap: Rulo is a winery where the wines are great, the people are friendly and passionate, and you walk away with wonderful wines at a good price. 


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