Jumping on the Bandwagon Late: Pairing Sparkling Wines with Everything

Castillo de Feliciana

A couple years ago, it became super trendy to pair sparkling wines with everything, and suddenly you would start to see champagne and prosecco and cava with every cuisine imaginable. This trend never caught on with me, because I almost never buy sparkling wine, even though I do really like it.

The sparkling wine trend has lingered, for several reasons (sparkling wine really does go with everything, imported prosecco and cava are now widely available and affordable alternatives to expensive Champagne), and there’s starting to be some sparkling wine in Washington! Someone told me just the other day that Lake Chelan is trying to become the sparkling wine region of Washington. I’m not sure how true that it, but I’d be really excited to see it.

The other night, I tried a sparkling chardonnay from Castillo de Feliciana, a Spanish style winery on the south side of Walla Walla, and I paired it with spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce. I thought the spring rolls would match the freshness of a bubbly wine, and the bubbles would provide a nice contrast to the creaminess of the sauce. And it was good! Although, it might be because it took forever to roll the spring rolls, and dinner was actually at 9:00, and we were starving.

For the Spring Rolls:


Bean Sprouts

Vermicelli Noodles



Peanut Sauce (I just sauteed some garlic, pepper flakes, and ginger in some oil in a saucepan, then added a 1/4-1/2 cup of peanut butter, and a few splashes of soy sauce to make the peanut sauce.)

Spring Roll Wrappers (you can find these in the Asian section in the grocery store)

Assemble! (I say this like it’s the easy part, but actually, it’s the hardest. You can see how terrible mine look in the picture.)


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