Spring (Release) is in the Air!

photo by Lara 604 via flickr

Spring Release is this weekend, and everyone is ordering last minute cheeses and crackers for the tasting room, slapping labels on the last cases of new release Sauvignon Blanc, and calling the cavalry in to help schlep boxes of wine and polish glasses during the rush!

For those new to Walla Walla, Spring Release is the weekend when the wineries officially release all of their spring wines (although they’ve probably been available for sale for a month or so already) and provide special appetizers to pair with their new releases. Some wineries put out a huge spread of food and some wineries just have a cheese plate, with most wineries falling somewhere in between, but it’s always a crowded weekend with a lot going on!

When I was in college, this was my first gig at a winery; I was an extra hand hired for Spring Release weekend to pack boxes of wine and polish glasses at a small tasting room downtown to make some extra cash (and score some free wine!) when the tasting room manager said, “Hey Emily, I’m going to go get some lunch. You take the bar!” So there I was, just turned 22 and still drinking my $3 Syrah from Safeway, pouring wine and talking to people about wine, and I loved it. I loved it so much that I completely changed my life plan and headed back to Walla Walla to work in the wine industry after my year in France. You might say I have a special place in my heart for Spring Release.

This spring release I’m extra excited about:

The Charles Smith First Annual Rosé Festival and Burlesque

The new white blend from Rulo

Food Truck Nightwhen all of the local food trucks gather on Main Street.

So find a last minute place to stay and come to Walla Walla this weekend!


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