Blogosphere: 7 Great Wine Blogs to Follow

I’ve been looking around the blogosphere for other wine blogs to follow; there are a lot out there, and a lot of really great ones. Some of them are geared towards experienced drinkers, and some are geared towards casual wine drinkers, so there is truly something for everyone out there. Here are 7 blogs I’ve been particularly interested in following!

1. Washington Wine Report. Sean Sullivan, a Washington wine critic, writes and gathers information on Washington wines. Refreshing, since most blogs don’t focus on Washington!

2. 1WineDude. Joe Roberts knows his stuff, but isn’t stuffy about it. He writes about wines from all over and clearly has a genuine love of wine and a good sense of humor.

3. Through the Walla Walla Grape Vine.  Another Washington wine blog! Catie, of the Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman wine shop in downtown Walla Walla, is a phenomenal writer and an expert in Walla Walla and its wines.

4. Wine Harlots. “Madcap adventures” through wine!

5. Girl with a Glass. Alana Gentry writes about travel, food, wine, and pairing wine with food!

6. Hosemaster of Wine. An irreverent blog written by Ron Washam, an experienced sommelier who takes little seriously in his blog.

7. Terroirist. Started by David White, Terroirist is a compilation of wine news, recommendations, and interviews. This is a great blog for expanding your knowledge of the wine world!


These are some of the biggest and most successful wine blogs out there; if you can’t learn anything from them, then you probably know too much and should just start your own blog already. 


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