Winery Spotlight: Syncline

syncline 3

I was going to write a beautiful description of Hood River and its many attractions, but then we went to Syncline winery, and now that’s all I want to talk about. We were sent there by one of my coworkers (and really, I owe her a bottle of wine or something for pointing me in Syncline’s direction), who told us that it was her absolute favorite wineries in the area.

Across the river and up a hill, it’s a little out of the way for people staying in Hood River, but it’s definitely worth the short drive. This is another of those simple, no-frills tasting rooms, in the same barn as the barrels and equipment. I love these tasting rooms because the wines seem so up-close and personal; there’s something to be said for beautiful landscaping and relaxing patios, but I always find myself coming back to the tasting rooms where I can hang out next to the barrels.

syncline 4

Syncline focuses on Rhone varietals, another clue that I would love these wines, and love them I did. We started off with the 2012 Picpoul, which caught my attention because it’s so unusual to see a straight-varietal Picpoul, and it kept my attention because it was so good. This was such a lush white wine, with beautiful tropical fruit and pear notes. I thought it was most similar to Viognier, if I had to compare it to another wine. Picpoul is almost always used in blends, so it was a very pleasant surprise to see this wine on the tasting bar. I also loved the 2011 Grenache, which was fruity and soft; sometimes Grenache can be too light for my taste, but I really enjoyed this one. Their 2011 Subduction Red is their Rhone blend, sourced from all over Washington, and I also came away with a bottle of that for some Wednesday night dinner.

syncline 2

Strangely enough, the day that we tasted at Syncline, Paul Zitarelli at Full Pull sent out this email offering a selection of wines from Syncline for sale. I already had several of these bottles in the trunk of my car, but I always love hearing what Paul has to say about wine!

I love that I’m discovering new wineries all the time to add to my list of favorites, and I’ll definitely be back to Syncline! Also, their dogs were adorable.

syncline 1


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