What to Drink When You’re Not Drinking


Walla Walla is the sort of town where culture equals eating and drinking; living here means going to a lot of events and parties with wine and other various kinds of drink. If you’re anything like me, you have ended up at parties where you’re not drinking or only drinking a little, for whatever reason (DD, recovering from last night, trying to watch your alcohol intake; take your pick). It can feel strange walking around a party with nothing in your hands; a glass of wine feels like a shield sometimes.

My solution is fancy flavored water. I started out with sparkling water and a lime wedge, which made me an inconspicuous nondrinker because it looks just like a gin and tonic. Lately, I’ve been drinking sparkling water with a few mint leaves and a splash of orange juice (pictured above). When I have one of these, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything that the drinkers are enjoying

Here are five of my favorite fancy waters:

1. Sparkling water, mint leaves, splash of orange juice

2. Sparkling water, coconut water, a small handful of blueberries

3. Sparkling water, raspberries, a squeeze of lemon

4. Water (sparkling or still), diced apple, cinnamon sticks (this one is best to make a pitcher of; leave it in the fridge for an hour to let the flavors come together)

5. Sparkling water, ginger simple syrup, squeeze of orange


You might be able to tell I like sparkling water a whole lot.


Cheers to your night(s) off from booze!



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