Winery Spotlight: El Corazon


This kind of post is the easiest to write; I love the hidden gems of Walla Walla, and El Corazon is one of the best gems. Tucked away on Palouse street, Spencer has a little tasting room/barrel room where he pours his (amazing) wines. It’s easy to miss, and relatively little-known outside of Walla Walla, but I’ve found that Spencer is making some exciting wines, with a fun and fresh vibe.

The first time I ever went to El Corazon, I went with the intention of tasting, but not buying anything. I walked out with three bottles: the “V-Neck Sweater” Viognier, “Run With the Hunted” blend, and “First Crush” Cab Franc. The second time, I left with two bottles of the “Red Frog” rosé and the “Tiger’s Blood” Carménère. All of them are awesome!

Why do I like El Corazon so much? Besides the fact that I like their wine, I like that they’re having fun in an industry that can sometimes seem stuffy or snobby, like it’s taking itself too seriously. Spencer seems like he rarely takes himself too seriously, although he’s certainly devoting himself to making good wine. The tasting room is casual; I would never feel pressured to make insightful commentary on the wines or search my brain for flowery descriptors of each flavor. Spencer is clearly excited to be making wine, and that makes me excited to drink his wine. It’s obvious that he thinks he’s doing the coolest job ever, and I have to agree with him!

Visit El Corazon just to hang out with this guy

Here is their website; check out their wines online, or pop into their tasting room on Fridays & Saturdays. The downside to running such a small operation is that they don’t always have the manpower to be open, so be sure to double check their facebook page to see if they’re actually at the tasting room.

On my dream itinerary for a Walla Walla wine tour, El Corazon goes right up there at the top. Great wines, and an even better tasting room experience.


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