Beat the Heat: 3 Tips for Buying Wine in the Summer

So, it is seriously hot right now as Walla Walla summer gets into full swing, and a quick look at the weather map shows that a lot of areas are also enjoying this heat wave. As much as I love the sun, high temperatures bring a whole host of problems for people buying wine. Here are a few tips to make sure that the weather doesn’t ruin your wine!

1) Take a cooler when wine tasting. If you leave wine in the car while you taste at the next winery, you might not like the wine when you open it. Wine can get “cooked” in high temperatures, so the backseat of a hot car is not the ideal place to keep your wine all day. A cooler will help regulate the temperature of the wine.

2) Take your wine in with you. Most wineries won’t mind at all if you bring in a box of wine to keep cool while you taste. Believe me, we would hate to see all that wine go to waste! Even if it’s a different winery’s stuff, you can be pretty sure that the servers at the next place won’t make a fuss if you temporarily store some wine in the tasting room while you’re there. If you want to make extra sure it’s okay, just ask.

3) Don’t leave your wine in the car overnight. Even if it’s supposed to cool off overnight, your car might stay a little warmer than the outside temperature. Much better to bring it into your hotel room.


When you get home, toss those whites and rosés into the fridge, stat, as well as any bottles of red that you’re planning on drinking right away! Everything else should go into a wine cooler, a wine cellar, the basement, or (at the very least) a closet that doesn’t get any direct sunlight. Maybe an air-conditioned room. Or you could drink everything right away!

Stay cool! Anyone else have tips for wine tasting in the heat?


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