Winery Spotlight: Bunchgrass Winery


Finally, a day on the other side of the bar! When my sister was in town, we had a full day of wine tasting. We took my advice and paced ourselvesgoing to four wineries, with a hearty picnic lunch in the middle

After a hefty breakfast at The Maple Counter, we made our way out to Bunchgrass Winery. I’ve heard a lot about Bunchgrass, but after asking around, I realized that I didn’t know anyone who’d ever tasted at this small, but supposedly awesome winery. In fact, almost all of my information about it comes from Paul over at Full Pull. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I wasn’t disappointed!

The tasting room is small, at the end of a long driveway out in the countryside of Walla Walla. On one side is a field with some horses (they belong to the neighbors; I asked). In one corner of the tasting room, behind the bar, is a record player and a record collection; this is a tasting paired with music! Tucked away like it is, Bunchgrass seems like a little haven with a fun vibe.

Tom poured his line up of wines for us, my favorites of which were The Bard and Triolet. Both are blends- The Bard is a Syrah, Grenache, Merlot blend, and Triolet is a Bordeaux style. Although we tried a large line-up, it sounds like Bunchgrass will be paring down their offerings in the future, to give a little more attention to a smaller selection of wines. During our time at Bunchgrass, I expanded my wine vocabulary to include “lean” and “flabby” as wine terms; all of the wines at Bunchgrass have beautiful fruit on them, but are definitely lean, with nice acidity. I imagine that all these wine are phenomenal with food, and I’m excited to try them with a meal!

I loved how welcoming this out-of-the-way winery is, and I’ve been trying to send more people their way. It’s really clear that Tom puts a lot of himself into his wine; at a small 600 cases a year, this is not a winery that employs a bunch of minions to take care of the dirty work. I’ll be back, especially because this heat wave has hit me with the realization that I should have bought the Bunchgrass rosé!


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