What I’m Drinking, 4th of July Edition: CAVU Rosé


Full disclosure: I haven’t actually been to CAVU and I hadn’t tasted any of their wines before drinking this DEE-LICIOUS rosé. CAVU is one of the Incubator wineries, which is an area of small winery spaces located near the Walla Walla airport. Start-up wineries can lease these spaces short-term while they get started, and then they typically move to a better/bigger/different location. CAVU is just about to move to a different space in the airport area, which means that they must be doing pretty well. And this rosé was pretty awesome, so I’m not going to disagree.

This is a Barbera rosé, which I haven’t seen too much of; I’ve seen a lot of Sangiovese rosés, and even some Sangiovese/Barbera ones, but not many 100% Barbera. It gives it a nice acidity, with some good oomph to it. Lots of strawberry/raspberry flavor, dry and refreshing. In this kind of heat, I’m not looking for a big or heavy wine. This rosé has enough body to feel like you’re drinking wine, but it’s not going to weigh you down in the hot weather!

To be honest, part of the reason why I wanted to drink this particular wine for 4th of July was because of the blue and white label, which looks like an American flag with the rosé in the bottle and made me feel celebratory! We paired it with our 4th of July dinner: pasta salad and a tomato-basil salad in a balsamic and wine vinaigrette.

After dinner, we switched to gin and tonics, which is my other preferred hot-weather drink.

Check out CAVU online!




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