What I’m Drinking: In The Cellar

I have an (unfortunate?) habit of buying wine faster than I can drink it, partly due to the partial bottles that we get to bring home from the tasting room and partly due to not drinking every night. For the past month, we’ve put ourselves on a strict no-wine budget (okay, it’s not that strict), and have been diving into the cellar to drink the wine we already have. The problem is always trying to decide which bottle to drink, because I want to try them all right away!


The most unusual bottle in my cellar at the moment: 2005 Elysian Fields blend from Moonstone Crossing Winery. This is the only winery in my boyfriend’s hometown in California (a very tiny town, so it’s a wonder there’s even one), and we ended up with a few bottles after tasting there over the winter holidays. A blend of Aglianico (which I’ve never had before) and Sangiovese, this is from the 2005 vintage, because apparently you want to hold onto Aglianico for a while before drinking it. We tend to drink our wine very young, so I’m excited to open something older, and I’m curious about this new variety that I’ve never seen before. I’m not sure when we’ll drink this, especially because we’re sticking to our whites and roses in this heat, but I’m excited to blog about it when we do!


What’s the most interesting bottle in your possession at the moment?


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