Wine Pairing: The Bachelorette and…Ramblin’ Rosé

ramblin rose

We’ve been trying to make a point to not eat in front of the TV lately, but the finale of the Bachelorette took precedence over eating properly at the table. We paired the Ramblin’ Rosé from Dusted Valley with a delicious potato-and-veggie salad. We don’t have a TV, so we use a laptop, which works pretty well for us, so far. I like to think that I watch less tv because of it, but since every channel uploads most of its shows now, I think I’m only deluding myself.

The Ramblin’ Rosé is a Bordeaux-style blend, Cab-dominated, and refreshing. Quite a bit of body to it, so it’s not an insipid pink wine that you can barely taste. Delicious.

The Bachelorette finale was predictably “dramatic”. Excellent.

Our goal is to drink all our rosé by the time rosé weather ends (although maybe keeping a bottle for Thanksgiving, because that is the trend, apparently), so we have to get busy! Here is a list of all the rosé we have:

1 CAVU Barbera rosé

2 El Corazon Syrah rosé

1 Kerloo Grenache rosé

1 L’Ecole no.41 Grenache rosé

1 Maison Bleue Mourvedre rosé

1 Sleight of Hand Cab Franc rosé

1 Syncline Mourvedre/Cinsault/Grenache rosé

That is 8 rosés, so I think I’ll have to get working! Which one should I try next?


2 thoughts on “Wine Pairing: The Bachelorette and…Ramblin’ Rosé”

  1. I’m thinking you should save the kerloo or syncline to have with us at dinner, I’m coming back to walla walla to pack sometime in September. I will keep you posted. Xo ash

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