Music for Drinking Wine

So, you’re settled in with your glass of wine, and maybe a book, and then you notice how quiet- too quiet- it is in your home. Your wine music is missing! Maybe you haven’t discovered your wine music yet, but don’t worry; here is a solid start at building a wine drinking playlist.

I like to start with something easy and beautiful, like the sound of Josh Groban’s melodious voiceSometimes I’ll just cycle through all the Josh Groban cds I own and call it a night. Pairs well with lightly oaked Chardonnay or a delicate Pinot Noir.

Sometimes, though, you’ll need something a little more substantial for your wine. For those of you with a big Syrah or Cab, I will point you to Carl Orff’s masterpiece Carmina Burana. If you’ve never listened to the entire hour-long stunner of a performance, grab yourself a bottle of wine and get listening! You’ve probably heard the first movement, in every dramatic action/adventure movie ever, but the piece is full of surprisingly beautiful movements.

Every so often, after a glass or two, I find myself watching videos of college a capella groups. This is for any type of wine, anytime, anywhere. Start with U of O’s On the Rocks and the oldie-but-goodie Straight No ChaserGo from there.

This is just the wine-fueled musical evenings envisioned by a former choir nerd. What sort of music do you like to listen to with a good glass (or bottle) of wine?


2 thoughts on “Music for Drinking Wine”

  1. I like a full glass of a cab paired with the harmonic, soulful tunes of the band, The Lone Bellow–especially with their song “You Never Need Nobody”. Personally, I’d pour another glass and turn on Houndmouth with their song “On the Road” and end my night with some Head and the Heart.

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