Screwcap Action: 5 Awesome Wines Uncorked!

photo by Derek Gavey via flickr
photo by Derek Gavey via flickr

So, last week I talked about using screwcaps versus corks, and now I’m back with a list of wines that I LOVE that use screwcaps!

1. Rulo. All of Rulo’s wines have screwcaps, and as I’ve gushed about, they are all pretty awesome. Some of the best wine at the best prices in Walla Walla, and pretty much all of the people that I take there agree. I like everything they offer, but their Syrah and their Silo Syrah are to die for. $25-$35, depending on the wine

2. Lou Ventou. I heard about this delicious little Rhone blend from Full Pull (where else?), and haven’t looked back. I’m drinking a glass of it AS I WRITE THIS, and I’m loving it to bits. Easy and fruity, with some super nice minerally/rocky/dusty notes. $10

3. Va Piano Bruno’s Cabernet Sauvignon. Va Piano has their Bruno line, which is less expensive than their single vineyard offerings. My favorite is almost always the Bruno’s Cabernet Sauvignon, which is fruity and spicy and cedary. We opened a bottle at a party, and it was roundly praised by everyone. $23

4. Saviah Cellars The Jack. Full disclosure: I work for Saviah, but that doesn’t mean that my opinion of The Jack line is biased. I, and many, many other, am a huge fan of these easy reds. I give them as gifts and take them to parties. My favorite is The Jack Syrah, followed closely by The Jack Cabernet Sauvignon. $18

5. Dusted Valley Squirrel Tooth Alice. Oh, how I love Dusted Valley, but oh how they are mostly out of my price range! Even this delicious blend is pretty spendy, but I went ahead and splurged on it anyways. I like how even pricier wines are using screwcaps these days. It used to be a marker of the cheapie bottom shelf stuff, but Squirrel Tooth Alice high quality, even if the name implies otherwise. $39

There you have it: five awesome reds that rock the screwcap! There are a bunch of screwcapped whites that I love, but that is a list for another day. Until then, I hope you can get your hands on one of these guys!

What is your favorite wine with a screwcap?


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