What I’m Drinking: Cellar Edition

I’ve been pretty good about dipping into my cellar instead of buying more wine (mostly), and I’ve been having some pretty awesome wine lately. But what I really need to do is start drinking some of my old old bottles before moving onto the younger stuff; I just get really excited about the new wines I add to my cellar and start drinking them right away!

Right now the oldest bottle I own is:

2000 Syrah from Seven Hills winery.

Seven Hills is one of the oldest wineries in Walla Walla, started in 1988 (our wine industry is still a baby here), and is known for having great wines that do very, very well in the cellar. 13 years is a long time to hold onto a Walla Walla wine; usually they peak around 5-6 years after the vintage date, but Seven Hills is known for having wine that can hang out in the cellar long after most Washington wines should be drunk. I hear a lot about Seven Hills Merlots and not as much about their Syrahs, so I’m extra curious to see what this bottle is like and how it’s doing after so many years. I was eleven when these grapes were harvested! 

What’s the oldest bottle in your cellar?


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