What I’m Drinking: Old Seven Hills

So, tonight we broke open that bottle of 2000 Seven Hills Syrah at dinner with some friends, and it was so fresh tasting for 13 years old! As per Walla Walla, it was a funky, earthy Syrah, and some good fruit still. We were all pretty impressed, especially as it opened up. And then our friends pulled out a bottle of 1998 Seven Hill Merlot, and that was also fresh and bright, with some tannin to it still. I’ve found that Washington Merlots age better and hold their fruit longer than Washington Cabernets do, while it seems to me like it should be the other way around.

Either way, it was really neat to taste a couple of old wines from a Walla Walla winery known for its long-lived vintages!

What’s the oldest wine you’ve ever tasted?


4 thoughts on “What I’m Drinking: Old Seven Hills”

  1. Yes, they must have been very good friends. What a coincidence that you’ve also been drinking 1998 Merlot! It can’t have been Seven Hills Merlot, can it?

  2. Emily..glad you enjoyed the Syrah and the 98 Merlot. I think those early 2000’s Syrahs are drinking very well now. We tasted some older bottlings from the early 90s and both the Cab and the Merlots have some great aged fruit and bottle character to them especially if you like very mature reds. Glad to have the wines show up on your blog.

  3. Hi Casey; we really enjoyed the wines! We tend to drink younger wines, so it was fun to taste something more mature for a change- I was very surprised (and pleased!) at how well they kept their fruit. Also pretty excited to have gotten my hands on not one but two older vintages, especially since Seven Hills has the reputation for having long-lived wines 🙂

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