7 Awesome Inexpensive Sparkling Wines

What, did you think we were done talking about sparkling wines? Nope! If you’re anything like me, you’re probably looking for some inexpensive sparkling wines that are maybe a step or two above Andre’s or Cook’s; that stuff remains firmly in my college days, and I hope it stays that way for you as well because there are some really awesome and interesting sparkling wines out there that will fit your budget. I promise. In my opinion, a really good value sparkling wine that is really tasty and festive for less than $15, and a pretty good value sparkling wine will be under $20. Sometimes I’ll splurge on something a little pricier, there are so many sparkling wines in my value price range, that I haven’t even tried all of the ones I want to.

Here are seven really awesome and inexpensive sparkling wines that I’ve been drinking.

Segura Viudas Cava This is one of the first sparkling wines I started buying when I stepped out of my Cook’s comfort zone. Seriously low price for a really decent sparkling wine; I don’t think you can get away paying this little for such a nice wine anywhere else. Good in cocktails, good on its own. I’d drink this one at a party; anywhere you need a people-pleasing sparkling wine for a crowd. Also, you can find this everywhere; I’ve seen it in a bunch of grocery stores, and it’s rarely over ten dollars. $8

Antech Blanquette de Limoux “Brut Nature” This sparkling wine (which I already talked about here) is seriously bright and festive; there’s absolutely no sugar added to this wine, so it won’t sit heavy at all. Light, with great acidity, made of Mauzac (90%), Chenin Blanc, and Chardonnay. I have a soft spot for Limoux wines because I took a little day trip there on a whim when I was hanging out in the southwest of France and had a great time sitting in the town square by myself, drinking sparkling wine in the sun. $13

German Gilabert Cava Rosat A deep pink sparkling rosé, this wine might trick you into thinking it’s sweet until you taste it. Trepat and Garnacha make for a fruity, kind of floral sparkling wine. Looks great on the dinner table (or appetizers table, etc). $14

Treveri Brut “Blanc de Blanc” Treveri is a local sparkling wine house located in Yakima (a couple hours west of Walla Walla) that produces only sparkling wine, and produces them at great prices! I tried the Blanc de Blanc (meaning a white sparkling wine from white grapes) on New Year’s Eve, and it was really nice. Strong apple and citrus notes, bright acidity. We also tried mixing it with limoncello to bring out the lemon notes, and it made for a tasty cocktail! $14

Domaine Collin Cremant de Limoux Another Limoux sparkler! The Domaine Collin is more minerally and kind of yeasty compared to the Antech, which I like a lot. Still great acidity, with a lot of character. This is a sparkling wine I wouldn’t mix in a cocktail; drink it on its own! Unlike Blanquette de Limoux, Cremants don’t have to be mostly Mauzac. This one is Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and Pinot Noir. $15

M. Plouzeau Perles Fines This is a sparkling light-pink rosé from the Loire valley in France; softer than the other wines on this list, with some orange, strawberry, and chocolatey notes. While it’s a little over my limit for a great value sparkling wine, I like it so much that I’m going to rate it as a great value anyways. This is one of the few sparkling wines I go back to over and over again. If I could pick any wine on this list to buy a case of as my go-to sparkling wine, this would be it. $17

Okay, and if you were going to splurge on one really nice bottle of sparkling wine?

Argyle Winery Blanc de Blancs Oh man, this wine is awesome. I had a glass of it out at a restaurant one evening, and it really blew me away. I never knew that you could get so many flavors out of sparkling wine. The glass price on this wine was not too bad, but when I went to look up the bottle price online, I realized that this would have to be a very-special-occasion-only wine. But so worth it, even if you just buy it once for a birthday or wedding. The winery’s in Oregon, so if you happen to be down that way, I would suggest popping in and doing a little tasting. $50

If you have other inexpensive bubbly suggestions, I would love to hear them! Suggest away in the comments!


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