The Sexiest-Sounding Region is Vouvray: Some Facts

I really like the way the name Vouvray sounds. I feel like if you walked into a restaurant and said “I’ll have a glass of Vouvray, please,” you would sound like the sexiest and classiest person at the restaurant, which is why I’ll be ordering Vouvray at all the restaurants from now on.

Some notes from our Vouvray tasting group meeting earlier this week: “It smells like a lawnmower. It’s like someone mowing the lawn and smoking a cigarette.” “It smells like someone mowing the lawn and smoking a cigarette and drinking lemonade at the same time. On a hot day.” What we concluded was that Vouvray has a distinct diesel/gasoline smell to it, and often a citrusy and slightly grassy or herbal smell as well. It wasn’t bad, it was just very distinctive.

Vouvray is a wine region in the Loire Valley. In the upper-middle part of France, southwest of Paris, Vouvray is a well-known regions for white wines. Almost all the wines that come from this region are Chenin Blanc, and they’re often off-dry and sometimes sparkling. Chenin Blanc is pretty acidic, which balances out any sweetness to the wines, and makes a great pairing with spicy foods or seafood. The soil of the region brings out very minerally notes in the wines, which we noticed in our tasting. The cooler climate in the Loire produces wines with higher acidity, and cooler years tend to produce drier Vouvrays while warmer years produce sweeter ones.

We tasted five different Vouvrays (okay, four Vouvrays and one Walla Walla Chenin Blanc for comparison), and they were a wide range of sugar levels. The favorite seemed to be the off-dry Vouvray with lots of acidity and lemon notes, while many people liked the completely dry Chenin Blanc from Walla Walla. Sometime, we’ll have to do a tasting of Savennièreswhich is a regions that specializes in dry Chenin Blancs.

Drink Vouvray with dishes with rich, flavorful sauces, seafood fettucine alfredo, crab cakes, coconut curry, salty cheeses, or duck. I voted for the crab cakes, but no one brought me any.

Does anyone have Vouvray stories? If not, just start saying the word frequently, and stories will happen. 


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