Dinner in London Soho

Sitting at the bar at Bibimbap in Soho, drinking an unexpectedly delicious Korean root tea (ordered off the drinks menu at random), I’m glad I made it out of my hotel room. Bibimbap is named after the restaurant’s specialty, a traditional Korean dish, and I picked it out days ago after a recommendation from a friend, plus a few write-ups in “Where to eat alone in London” articles.


After my flight, with too little sleep and too much caffeine,  I didn’t think I was going to make it out of my hotel room, let alone the 45 minute walk across London to Bibimbap. But I wasn’t going to start off my year of adventure by wimping out on the very first one, so I changed out of my travel clothes and went out to find some food. And I’m so glad I did; the fresh air revived me after 9 hours of recycled plane air, and the food is excellent.


My meal is the dol sot bibimbap, rice topped with vegetables and an egg, served in a hot stone bowl. A welcome change from airplane food, that’s for sure. The restaurant is filling up quickly; I showed up promptly at 6, when they opened, and all the tables are already full, although there are still spots left at the bar.


Up next; a bus ride to Oxford, where I’ll be for a week, visiting a friend and pretending I’m at Hogwarts.


One thought on “Dinner in London Soho”

  1. Sounds wonderful! Mike and I made a version of that dish, sans hot stone bowl. Delicious. Now I need to get some root tea 🙂

    Miss you!


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