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Around the Web

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend; I will be working (as you do in the wine industry) and tasting wine (as you do in wine country)!

What I discovered online this week:

Quick, what should I drink?

The cage on the top of champange bottles is called an agraffe and 11 other cool words you probably didn’t know.

I know it’s not summer yet, but I can’t resist this roundup of popsicle recipes.

How to give a good compliment.

How to stock your bar for $100. Because we’re all on a budget.

And finally, best bottles of bubbly for under $20.


Around the Web

This blog post really hit home with me this week. Usually my browsing-the-internet mental energy is level 3, but starting my own blog has rocketed it up to a level 1. It’s fun and rewarding, but a very different way of engaging with the internet.

Other things I’ve found online this week:

More reasons why red wine is good for you! Wine Spectator reports that studies suggest red wine helps with digestion. Also, that this is why the French are so thin. I was hoping it was the blue cheese.

I am not crafty, but I have a lot of extra corks laying around. If I were better at DIY projects, I would make everything from this blog post. Especially the wine cork bathmat; that would spiff up my bathroom for sure!

Or I would make this, all the corks are from “wine consumed humanely in California”. Actually, I think I will never have enough DIY talent to make one of these. I should probably just buy one.

Okay, we’re on a roll with reusing corks, so here is a list of Eleven Ways to Reuse and Recycle Wine Corks.

If you spill wine the way I do (which is all the time, on everything), here is a guide to removing wine stains.

Aaaand finally, if you are sick of wine (impossible!), here is a cool infographic of 30 shot recipes.

Around the Web

I’ve finished my first week of blogging! It takes a lot of work and editing for comma errors and worrying that it’s not good enough to put online for real people to really read. I found this helpful while getting started!

In other internet news, this is some stuff I’ve found this week!

For those of us with patience, but no money, aging cheap wine is the way to go!

I really like making cocktails, and my attempt at a ginger-peach rum punch fell a little flat. Next time, I’ll just make these delicious looking Winter Sun cocktails! Or these Lavender Vodka Tonics!

Don’t be that guest who shows up empty-handed; bring a hostess gift. It’s classy and your friends will love you.

Augghh I love bread, and this recipe is SO EASY.

We’ll talk about wine and food pairing eventually in this blog- for now, here is a handy chart.

Go drink some wine this weekend!