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Winter Wine Blues: 5 Ways to Get Out of a Wine Rut

I’m the first to admit that I get the winter blues every year; everything gets gray, most of the wineries close, and no one comes to town.  Not to mention, everyone (including me) is trying to get rid of their holiday weight and save money after Christmas. But there is still fun to be had during the winter! Here are 5 ideas for having some fun with wine while everything’s still gray. 

1. Try a varietal you’ve never even heard of. Try 100! Check out the Century Club; you get to be a member if you try 100 different varietals of wine (even if you only try them in blends). I’ve only got about 50 under my belt, but I’m slogging away at it! I’ve never even heard of many of these varietals.

2. Go to a wine tasting, even if you don’t live in wine country. Many wine shops offer tastings every so often; check out your local wine shop’s Italian wine night or bubbly tasting! If you’re in the Seattle area, check out Esquin’s tastings. If you’re not, get on some email lists for wine shops in your area; they’ll let you know when they’re putting on tastings.

3. Check out a wine bar and try a flight of wines. Or pick something from the menu that you’ve never tried before. Or tell your server to surprise you. Wine bars are the hottest thing right now; they’re fun spots for a date or just to catch up with friends, and they often have “hidden gem” wines that you can’t find anywhere else. Try one of these places, if you live near one.

4. Have blind tasting nights. Invite some friends over once a week; each week, someone opens a secret bottle, and everyone else has to guess what it is and where it’s from. Write tasting notes for it yourselves; that’s definitely the best part.

5. Pair wine and movie nights. Heavy cabs for drama, light and easy grenache for comedies, whatever other pairings you can think of! I’d pair Rotie & El Corazon’s The Swordfight with Firefly, because it’s a serious, meaty wine, but fun and a little crazy at the same time. But maybe not, because the Swordfight is on the pricier side, and I rewatch Firefly too often for that.